Ant Man Review

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Ant Man Review

Post by Kitsu SephyraDoom on Wed Aug 12, 2015 8:03 am

Recent Movie outing that led to Ant Man. Unfortunately with my busy work schedule I haven't got to make it to the movies in time this summer to see a lot of films I wanted. On one night I must say this worked out in my favor. While I'm sure I missed greatness while not getting to see the new Jurassic park while it was in theatres it did give me the opportunity to choose Ant Man as my back up and well lets just say I wasn't disappointed. While I Never had much access to comics at a young age first being from Quebec where it was hard to find one not in French and then the isolated little town of White River Ontario with it like 2 corner stores a grocery store and Home Hardware it my options limited. So i'll admit going into this movie with the title off Ant Man and him having well the powers of an ant did not appeal to me all to much but being Marvel I had to give it its chance. So glad I did this movie was hilarious at all the right parts, marvels cheesy jokes but at the right moments and enough seriousness to the plot to still let you give a damn. Special effects were great and all together the movie just flowed didn't rush scenes and played everything out. Considering all the movies now it didn't feel crunched or over rushed at parts which is refreshing as of late that is my main complaints with most movies these days. Over all I give it an 8/10.

Feel free to share your rating and comments as well. Just remember to post spoiler alerts before ruining and movies or books. Wink

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